Why the music heal ?

muzWith the world of sounds associated almost everything that happens in nature. Anyway, in nature. You can take it for granted that music affects on us and on plants and animals.

Music more and more health . There is a special , though not very extensive yet, the field of medicine — music . First of all , it is treated neuropsychological disease: music therapy sessions under the guidance of physicians psychotherapists have become part of medical practice .

And in recent years, the sound effects are increasingly used for the treatment of physical, bodily diseases. Thus, the magazine « Inventor» in detail recently ( in number 5 of 1986) about the experience of the doctor ARGuskova : using sound, it removes stones from the ureter.

Experimental data on the healing effects of music have accumulated a lot of works that reveal the mechanisms of its effects on humans, much less. But, not penetrating into the essence of the phenomena that occur in the body when exposed to sounds , it is difficult to develop and Continue reading

Whether you be Einstein ?

muz(Tell me you're listening to , and I will say what is your IQ)

You're young , you think you're advanced , night clubs — the best place where you can revel after school or work . After — the feeling of time well spent , but that's crisp and clear thinking, as the influx of new strength and energy are not observed .

Did you know that modern electronic music , as well as rock , psychologists refer to aggressive non-drug Narcotic Drugs (the influence of the past on the body there is no need to explain ) ?

Just a few facts

1. Scientists Center for Neuroscience , University of California tested the students from 36 colleges , trying to determine their level of intellectual development. Within ten minutes after the test the students listened to a Mozart sonata for two pianos in C major K. 488. Repeated Continue reading

The sounds that feed the brain energy

muz"Some of the sounds are not worse than a couple of cups of coffee , " — says the eminent French specialist in the study of hearing Alfred Tomatis .

This means that we can use the music as a tonic .

Ever since the days when humanity first created the music, she served as his daily goals. Lullabies , military, naval songs — the list is as long as the history and culture .

In these days of high technology Tomatis discovered high-tech method of disclosure of internal power sound power, which actually has a " superpower " to improve mental abilities, health and energy recharge .

According to Tomatis , the «sound can be an extraordinary source of energy.» Today, at the age of seventy years old, he was still energetic enough for him to sleep three or four hours a day, Continue reading